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Conference announcement: Open Science Practices in Environmental Archaeology

I’m excited to announce that the 2020 Association for Environmental Archaeology spring conference will be taking place at All Souls College, University of Oxford, on the subject of Open Science Practices in Environmental Archaeology.



Saturday 28th March, All Souls College, University of Oxford

All aspects of Environmental Archaeology have a shared reliance on the creation, curation and analysis of quantitative datasets – from counts of molluscs and pollen, to isotope ratios and morphometrics. Too often, this data is hidden behind paywalls, difficult to reuse or simply not made available. This conference will discuss the current state of data in Environmental Archaeology and how open science practices can improve the reliability and reproducibility of research. Issues to be discussed include the standardisation of data recording, data sharing, data repositories, linked open data, the creation and longevity of databases and reproducible analysis (Rstats). Papers are also welcomed on any aspects of open research, including open methods, open data, open access publishing and open education across Environmental Archaeology (as broadly conceived).

Please send a title and abstract of up to 250 words to by 6th December.

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Conference Organisers:

Lisa Lodwick
Tom Maltas
Tina Roushannafas
Rubi Wu